Apple ' s New Products - Get Ready for Red

The new marketing strategy of Apple inc. Is geared towards making you see red.

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Apple's New Products - Get Ready for Red

The new marketing strategy of Apple inc. Is geared towards making you see red. Maybe buy red too.

The new red phone is the latest from the tech giant and their aim is to utilized the vibrant colour scheme to appeal to their teeming fans of loyal consumers.

The phones are given a crimson finish and they are available for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models.

The pricing of this new line of red phones is inline and it is a bit higher than other versions of the iPhone. There is a variation in storage capacities and some of these phone have inbuilt 128GB of storage space while others have 256GB.

You can purchase the version with 128GB of storage for $749 while the version for the iPhone 7 Plus is a bit pricier and it goes for around $869. There is good news for people who have enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Program because they will be able to purchase one of these new phones for $37 per month.

The RED campaign by Apple started a decade ago and it was targeted towards contributing to the Global Funds for combating AIDS. The mega corporation has donated over $130 million to the cause and, according to the company, this makes them the largest corporate donor in the world to the Global Fund.

Apple has claimed that for every single phone that is sold, a certain percentage will be donated to the Global Fund.

This news came at the heel of another surprise announcement that amazed fans and users of Apple products. The launch of a new iPad was announced and this was to replace the Air 2 that was already pushing sales on the market.

The new iPad has the customary Apple 9.7 inch retina display and it is also equipped with a strong battery that can last for up to 10 hours with optimal use, and a 64 bit A9 chip.

The new iPad will also retain features that have proved popular with fans of Apple products. This includes features like TouchID security and Fingerprint.

Also, you can download and use more than one million applications that have been designed specially for the device.

The iPad also boasts of an 8 megapixel camera that can shoot perfectly detailed images or 1080 HD videos. These multimedia content can them be edited right there on the iPad with the use of apps like iMovie, Photos or any other app that is available on the App Store.

The least amount for the 32GB model of the iPad is $329 and this increases to more than $600 for models that are equipped with cellular capability and 128GB of storage.

Also, the iPhone SE is going to be getting a bump in storage space. The old 16GB and 64GB models will be replaced with ones with improved storage sizes of 32GB and 128GN respectively.

Also, the phone will be getting an upgrade in system specifications and all of this is at no added cost. The phone can still be bought for around $399.

Then there is a newly developed application called Clips that gives users the ability to blend photos, music, and video clips. The resultant video can them be shared through the social !media or through messages.

The application will soon be available for free on iOS 10.3 and it will be outfitted with emojis and artistic filters shapes.

Apple claims that the app will identify the people in the video automatically and bring up suggestions of sending the video to them as messages. Clips will then include elements that are already popular on Snapchat, Google Photos, Vine, and Instagram.

The introduction of these newer devices and the lower priced iPad are pointers to the fact that there is a form of product redefinition and pricing structure evaluation going on at Apple.

The target of this new strategy is, of course, lower priced competitors.