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Guide To Choosing The Correct Bowling Balls For Beginners

If you are a fan of bowling, then you must know that there are a variety of bowling balls with different shapes, sizes, and designs available in the market and read best bowling ball reviews before buying. This is the reason that beginners often face difficulty in choosing the correct ball for them which can affect their consistency and scores greatly. Therefore, the following are some of the tips, employing which will help beginners choose just the right ball to help them win the game.

Choose the ball with the perfect weight and cover stock for you

It is essential that you choose the ball with the ideal weight for you, such that it is neither too heavy nor too light. Ideally, people who are used to lifting heavy weights will find it comfortable to use balls weighing 15-16 lbs while others should begin with bowling balls weighing 12lbs. Cover stock, the outer covering of the ball, also is a really important factor that affects the chances of you scoring. Polyester, Reactive resin, and urethane are three main types of cover stocks; the second being more suitable for beginners as it increases potential hook shots.

Browse through your options

After you have determined the type of ball that you wish to purchase, you can go ahead and browse through the various options of bowling balls either online or by visiting the local sports store. You will find subtle differences in each of the categories and you should get all your doubts cleared by either talking to the salesman of the store or by researching on the Internet. The prices of these balls also vary significantly; with reactive resin ones ranging from $100 to several hundred dollars. So, research as to what is the appropriate price of the type of ball you wish to purchase before investing in it.

Opt to get your ball custom drilled

Getting your bowling ball drilled according to the measurement of your hand is an incredible idea as it helps you gain more control over the ball and decreases chances of you getting injured. These custom drilled balls are also way more comfortable to hold and throw than the pre-drilled ones, which increase your chances of scoring immensely.

If you wish to excel in any sport, it is essential that you use just the correct equipment; whether it is a cricket bat, badminton racket or bowling balls. And one can now easily choose the correct bowling ball by taking the aforementioned tips into account when going out in the market to purchase them.