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Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Social Media Strategy

The advent of the Social Media has brought about a revolution in marketing.

With the use of the social media brands can gain direct access to interact with their audience. However, it also comes with certain pitfalls.

If your business enterprise is operating by an half baked and frail strategy, it will have a negative implication on your brand at some point in the future.

The mistakes that businesses often make when developing and executing social media strategy has a wide spread effect on the brand itself. Some of these mistakes are:

Failure To Set Clear Goals

A good social media strategy should rest on a foundation of quantifiable, achievable, and clear objectives. When planning to embark on any project, the following questions should be asked by a brand:

  • Who is the intended target audience.
  • What is the message that the brand want to promote on the social media.
  • Why should people or the target audience pay attention to the brand?
  • What is the action that the brand wants the viewers to take after the engagement?
  • What are the preset measurability criteria?

After clear answers have been provided to these questions, the next step of action is to formalize a concise and clear plan of action.

Certain measurability factors should be established and these will gauge the conversions and conversations.

Failure To Collaborate Internally

The success of a project is determined by how well a team can work together. A lot of brands often misunderstand this and it results in the digital media wing and a number of the brand’s other activities being operated in silos.

The aim here is for departments like HR, marketing, and sales to work in tandem in a bid to have a larger share of voice online.

Failure To Collaborate With Other Brands Or Initiatives

In the heydays of the mainline advertising industry, the thought of collaborating with competitors was abominable at the least. The same was adopted for digital advertising when it was introduced to the market.

However, the world of digital marketing is evolving. It is highly advisable for brands to adopt fresh and bold approaches and also to utilize the concept of a collaborative ecosystem.

Brands should also establish a shared and linked industry database for the identification of such content.

Lack Of Long Term Commitment

It is not a new thing for the gusto and vigour present at the start of a new project to gradually ebb away until the project grinds to a complete halt.

This behaviour is also prevalent in the world of social media marketing that includes creatives, maintenance or creation of blogs, and other content pieces.

The error made by a lot of brands is that they forget that oftentimes, social media marketing does not yield results instantaneously. Basically, the social media is for relationship building.

The end of every relationship is usually spelled by the complete disappearance of one of the parties involved.

Therefore, brands and companies should ensure that they have the budgets and stamina for long term gains.

Having to stop a social media engagement suddenly brings about even worse results that when they was no such engagement at all.

Lack Of Online-Offline Consistency

A lot of customers only have eyes on the eventual product: the brand. They do not see the processes running in the background. Therefore, efforts like marketing, PR, product development, and customer service are usually invisible to the consumers.

Therefore, a brand that employs a variety of content for different platforms, say a different message on print mediums, the social media and TV, will only serve to confuse the consumers.

Therefore, brands should make sure that the messages they pass across platforms are consistent.

The summary of this article is this: the success of a brand’s social media efforts is dependent on the amount of strategic thinking involved. A thoughtful customer engagement route and a deep understanding of the brand are also essential.

The brand must invest enough time resources into developing the right social media strategy for marketing efforts.

Tips For Choosing The Right Cloud for Your Business In The United Kingdom

Peter F. Drucker once said that "whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”

There is no better way to explain the impact of decisions (Drucker called it “the right decisions”) for strategic growth and business transformation than with the immortal words uttered by Peter F. Drucker above.

In the world of today, the new way of conducting business is through the ‘cloud”. It used to be little more than a possibility but it has become a reality that is an integral part of many organizations.

A lot of money has been spent on cloud services in the United Kingdom and Gartner, a market analyst, predicted that this could rise to $1.9 billion by 2019.

It is obvious to many entrepreneurs that cloud technology is a very vast market with a lot of untapped opportunities. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for you to find the suitable cloud for your business and also to discover the best cloud hosting provider operating in the United Kingdom.

However, there are quite a number of options of variants and options and this makes the process of selecting a suitable cloud provider quite difficult, especially in the saturated UK market.


Gartner also expects that high rates of spending on cloud services in India will continue through 2019 when the market is expected to reach $1.9 billion .

With such a wide market of untapped opportunities, it is important to know the right cloud for your business and find out the perfect cloud hosting provider in India. But with lots of variants and options, it becomes difficult to select a cloud which best suits your business, especially in the Indian market.

With the help of this article, you will be able to select the cloud service that is most suitable for your business. Here are some quick tips.

Identify Your Business Needs

When you have clarified the ‘why’ sorting the ‘how’ becomes easy.  When you identify your business needs, finding a solution for them will become very easy.

The UK market is dominated by SMBs and their transition to cloud based services is already underway.

The cloud has great scalability features and a low upfront cost. These are the best features that can be adapted to the UK market.

This is because the major hindrance for people with limited resources who are looking to start a new venture, is the initial investment.

Need Scalability With Less Upfront Costs – Go For The Public Cloud

What most companies in the United Kingdom require is a cloud platform that affords them with the desired flexibility to operate and maximum scalability.

Its pay as you go feature allows business enterprises to reduce its initial cost of running the business. The public cloud gives you access to features like

  • Utility Model
  • Easy availability of resources
  • Economical setup
  • High capacity.

Need High Security – Go For The Private Cloud

Your business’s data and information structure could be geared to be dependent on individual space and high security. For this, you can employ a private cloud and it will be your perfect cloud deployment scheme.

Large companies like IBM the UK now place their emphasis on private cloud deployment for their UK market because of the increasing demands of performance and security by UK business outfits.

With a private cloud, you can:

  • Obtain personal space for your server
  • Obtain flexible resource quantity based on needs.
  • Get security.
  • Obtain metered consumption for booked resources.